95% Curcumin Powder – Yes, It’s Easy to Find, But What Else is Important?

95% curcumin powder is pretty easy to find, online. Some manufacturers include turmeric extracts that are 98% curcumins. But, what else is important when you are shopping for this kind of health supplement?

First, it is important to look for an enteric coating. Curcumins are highly reactive to light, heat and gastric acid. If not protected by an enteric coating, the antioxidants are quickly changed into a different compound that cannot be absorbed into the bloodstream.

Even with an enteric coating, absorption into the bloodstream is relatively low. Researchers refer to it as low bioavailability. Therefore, the second thing to look for is piperine, an element found in black pepper Green curmin.

The health benefits of piperine are similar to those of other plant extracts. It has natural anti-inflammatory activity and may be beneficial in a variety of inflammatory conditions.

But, the biggest benefit of piperine is that it enhances the absorption of other nutrients. When it comes to curcumins, 20mg of piperine enhances absorption by 2000%.

If you buy 95% curcumin powder that is not protected by an enteric coating, you may as well flush it down the drain. If the formula does not include piperine…well, you could have gotten more for your money. What else should you look for?

Single ingredient supplements never provide the best value for your money. If you are like most people, you are probably taking a daily multi-vitamin and mineral supplement. What if your multi-vitamin contained turmeric extract, too?

What if it also contained green tea, ginkgo biloba, bilberry, olive leaf and silymarin? You might not think that you could find a multi-nutritional supplement containing all of those ingredients. If that’s what you think, you would be wrong.

There are some excellent multi-nutritional supplements that contain 98, not 95% curcumin powder, all of your essential vitamins and minerals, as well as all of those plant extracts mentioned above. What can they do for you?

Green tea may help you lose weight by enhancing your body’s fat burning ability. It may also reduce your risk of various kinds of cancer and lower your cholesterol, which would reduce your risk of heart disease.

Gingko biloba improves circulation and is beneficial for memory problems. Bilberry extracts contain unique antioxidants not present in the more common berries. The benefits of olive leaf are too numerous to mention here, but if you think that the benefits of 95% curcumin powder are great, you need to learn about those of olive leaf.

Silymarin protects the liver from damage that may have been done to it as the years have gone by. Any prescription and non-prescription drug is metabolized by the liver. They all cause some damage. Even over-the-counter acetaminophen has been cited as the cause of liver failure in a number of patients.

Silymarin helps to repair damage, too. It has been used as a liver tonic for thousands of years. It comes from the milk thistle plant.

So, why buy 95% curcumin powder, when you can get something better? Think about it.

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